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Leading hanger producer in Europe & Asia.

Perchas para moda - moda infantil / niñosPerchas para moda - moda masculina / hombresPerchas para moda - feminina / mujeresPerchas para moda - tallas unisex

Always looking for a new challenge in the hanger world. Let's talk?

Perchas para moda - chaquetas y abrigos Perchas para moda - falda y pantalon
Perchas para moda - intimo y baño Perchas para moda - accesorios Perchas para moda - madera y metal

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Ser-Viz is a hanger and clothing accessory company. The company was founded in 1972, and responds to product demands within the textile sector. In its internal structure, Ser-Viz has all of the technological tools to cover the entire array of product demands, including the following: design and production of transformed wood, injected thermoplastics, and the production of molds from automated and robotic machinery. The company is located in Italy where it has its central place of production and management.

Advantages of Ser-Viz

- Through our research, we have found that Ser-Viz has the opportunity to lead the sector applying fundamental and differentiating criteria such as the cost effective, practical, aesthetic, technical and cultural ones.

- Economic: Proving the most complete array of quality/price to satisfy the needs of our clients.

- Practical: Direct and personalized client attention, concentrating on comfort, time and work reduction, and confidence in our company.

- Aesthetics: Clearly setting the pace in terms of design and finishing.

- Technical: We have observed the technical shortcomings in other existing products from the market and have incorporated changes into ours to better meet the needs of our clients.

- Cultural: To create an atmosphere for our clients of trust and confidence in our company and above all in the people that work for us.

Main office:
Avd. Córdoba n 15 Naves 1º y 2º, Pol Ind La Carrehuela
Valdemoro, 28343 Madrid, España  
Teléfono: +34 916 780 360

Improving the hanger world with passion

Leading supplier of hangers in Europe & China.