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Ser-Viz Ibérica

A hanger and clothing accessory company

The company was founded in 1972, and responds to product demands within the textile sector. In its internal structure, Ser-Viz has all of the technological tools to cover the entire array of product demands, including the following: design and production of transformed wood, injected thermoplastics, and the production of molds from automated and robotic machinery. The company is located in Italy where it has its central place of production and management.

The beginning

Ser-Viz spa was created by Mr. Tiziano Vizzardi with its base in Grumello del Monte, in northern Italy. Until 1989, it was operated by Tiziano Vizzardi and C. SAS, and officially became Ser-Viz spa in 1990. Ser-Viz spa distributes its products throughout Italy through it own means. In 2001, Ser-Viz acquired Langaplast located in Monticello D’alba to form part of the company.

Ser-Viz Vision

Ser-Viz’s products are used by some of the most famous and prestigious names in the sector throughout the world. Ser-Viz´s capacity to develop and exceed the expectations of its clients have made it create a product of the highest quality. From the design and development of technology through automated processes and tools of injected molds, to the design, manufacturing, redistribution and recycling of hangers, all of the phases are performed by companies within the Ser-Viz group. This adds control and coordination to guarantee the maximum quality for its products.

This list of goals comprise our key objectives for the following years:
To maintain the right structure in terms of human capital, processes, products and technical resources to provide our clients with the precise and efficient solutions adaptable to their prompt needs.
To maintain a stock of products in accordance with the needs of our clients.
To offer our clients with the promise to guarantee the optimal solution with the highest quality, innovation and an exceptional price quality ratio.

Ser-Viz produces a range of versatile and technologically advanced hangers to satisfy the demands of the textile sector.

Through our network of associated companies, the Ser-Viz group assumes the challenge of serving an identically trustworthy product with exceptional quality and service where ever the client requires it.

Collaboration is a fundamental factor for the design team that forms the Ser-Viz group. This is important for developing our general catalogue of hangers as well as to create tailor-made hangers of special design. Our objective is to cover our clients’ needs through close collaboration. By these means, we are capable of providing easily adaptable design solutions while avoiding complications in the process.

The group’s design team has proven its ability to develop the knowledge and specialization across all of the sector’s fields that allow us to operate at all times at the highest technological level. Our company’s experience is an added value to our clients. We contribute innovative solutions across a wide range of functions as well as style and always respecting environmental concerns.

Product Improvements at the Hands of Our Clients

The continuous and ongoing innovation towards perfect products is Ser-Viz’s focus. This demonstrates the constant improvements to products in our catalogue. Our products are of the utmost quality thanks to the processes, machines and tools of our R&D specialists.

When purchasing a Ser-Viz product, our clients become part of our company’s philosophy that continuous improvements from client attention, quality, innovation, development and to technological research can and should respect the environment.