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Holding Ser-Viz

Ser-Viz has a clear international calling. The challenge of globalization has motivated Ser-Viz to have an international presence in different geographic areas where our clients demand our products and services. Presently these include Northern Europe (Sweden), Southern and Central Europe (Spain, Portugal and Italy), Africa (Tunisia) and Vietnam.


In Asia, the group has a commercial office in Hong-Kong which distributes throughout the region and another joint venture agreement in India. It is our priority to further develop these capacities and become an international player that is able to follow any of its clients in their international operations. Currently Serviz International is also developing agreements in other key markets such as United States and Latin America.

International need

Ser-Viz’s group of companies offers the same quality, flexibility, innovation and price / quality to all its clients throughout the globe. Serviz Ibérica has a specific international department that will study any sort of need and quickly develop an answer.

Where does Ser-Viz Ibérica work?